Tank 1000 liters with agitator



Pressure lower than 0,50 bars

Built with STAINLESS STEEL, grade : 304 L

Soldering done in an atmosphere of ARGON.

Hemispherical bottom.

Watertight, joined lid, spherical shape.

Tank adjusted on stainless steel feet.


Capacity : 1000 litres

Diameter : 954 mm

Height Collar : 1500 mm


Mantle joined when totally empty.

Drain valve ø 25 stainless steel

Mantle in stainless steel 15/21 in the upper part.

Mantle in stainless steel 15/21 in the lower part.

Level valve with sample collector in stainless steel.

Graduated measuring rod, glass tube.

Door in the upper part.


Extremely well worked.

Outside polished welding, cleaned, passivated.

Satin polished exterior.