Vatron-Mau : The company

VATRON was created in 1801 !

It’s at this present day one of the oldest industrial companies in France.

Around 1928, M. Ernest MAU joined the company and it’s in 1957 that the S.A. VATRON-MAU & Cie takes its final structure.

At first the company was a manufacturer of boilerworks for the food and agricultural industries, then it specialized in the production and the installation of stainless steel machinery for the perfume and cosmetic industry.

The expertise M. Bernard MAU developed along side of the biggest French perfumers constitutes a real asset for the company, which will be a key element for penetrating foreign markets where the company offers a wide range of “turnkey” factories.

 For over 50 years the company VATRON-MAU & Cie studies, researches, manufactures, implements, manual, semi-automatic or fully automated maceration/preparation rooms and conditioning lines for the perfume industry.

 ATEX accredited for the whole of its equipments and installations, the VATRON-MAU company collaborates with the biggest brands of French and foreign brands all over the world.

State of the art technology is offered to our clients to maintain our established know-how around the globe.


In 2013, VATRON-MAU & Cie joined the ERPIM holding in order to ensure the company’s growth and evolution in regards to fabrication, internal development technology and skills.

 Everything is put in place by our teams to offer the most suitable solutions to each and every single one of our clients from the biggest to the smallest entities.

Our sales and technical teams stay at the disposal of all our clients and are committed to solving any problems a client may encounter.

Fabrication Area :

High capacity alcohol storage tank

Maceration tanks

Fabrication of ATEX agitators

Chilling and filtration units

Storage tanks

Transfer pump

Massic Flowmeter

Conditioning lines: from 600 to 5000 bottles/hour. Rinsing, filling, crimping, collar, screwing, conveyors..

Special machines: Dosing, high speed monobloc automated units..