Filling machine type VM sample


- Automatic two station machine

- Vacuum filled.

- Indexing unit by step by step motor.

- Vacuum filling nozzle with overflow collection double tank system.

- Jackscrew depression.

- All parts in contact with the liquid are stainless steel.

- Alveolated indexing tray, Rilsan material.

- 3 position speed variation system to change speed :

1 100 to 1 900/hour.

- ON light.

- LCD meter.

- Unit is mounted on a stainless steel frame with a bottle removal chute

- Adjustable feet.


Length                   : 500 mm

Width                    : 400 mm

Height                   : 650 mm       

Weight                  :  approx. 40 kg


Careful finish

Ground, cleaned and passivated welding.

Outside polishing : Grain 180.


Automatic overflow emptying doucle container

Possible extras(according to the samples supplied)

Pneumastic screwing head

indexing plate