Filling machine PVS with Pyrex Carboy


MONOBLOC support with 2 snouts diameter 5mm.

Constant level vacuum filling device.

Compact machine with integrated Venturi.

Pyrex carboy for recycling overflow.

STAINLESS STEEL snouts, adjustable in height, with

level adjustment device.

Head quickly interchangeable, fastening by bakelite


Support in stainless steel Z 2 CN 18/10 including :

- One distributor for connection of

compressed air

- One Venturi.

- Centering of the flasks by adjusting ribs fixed on the

stainless steel plate.

- Snouts descend through a cylinder with guides.

- Control by pedal.

Air compressor

Mini 4 Bars


Two flexible feeding pipes with suction strainers are

plunged into the tank full of product.

The flasks are placed manually under the filling snouts.

The tightness is carried out by the pressure of the flask

on the snouts seals.

The control is made by pedal on the floor.

The liquid is immediately sucked and the filling of the

flask is carried out.

The level in the flask is obtained according to how the

snout is driven into the flask.

This adjustment is simply made by adjustment of the

BAKELITE screws.

The overflow is sucked again in the Pyrex carboy.


Compressed air consumption : 1,2 nl/s

Compressed air required : 4 bars