Filling RVL8


Used for filling all sorts of rigid containers, with

Maximum dimensions :

Height : 160 mm

Diameter : 100 mm

Can be used for liquid products


On the upper part

- Vacuum chamber with two levels for overflow return when level is adjusted.

- Snout support plate, electrically adjustable according to containers heights.

- Central supply column.

- 8 filling snouts each with adjusting device for filling level.

- Centering bells, adjustable to all bottle necks.

- Support plate for ascending and descending stools.

- Vacuum decanting device for total drain of equipment

On the lower part

Control chest comprising :

- Vacuum manometer - control buttons - emergency stop.

- 0,33 hp moto-variator for a speed of 1 300 to 1 800 bottles/hour.

- Pneumatic vacuum pump ventury

- One buffer jar of approximate 15 liters, fed with ball cock and total drain cock.

- Zener system for protection of the probe.

- 1 transfer pneumatic pump for automatic supply of the filling


Vacuum pump security by intermediate decanting device. Hand stop.


All parts touching the liquid must be in stainless steel.

- Flexible piping of a quality corresponding to the product packaged.

- Casing and working surface in polished stainless steel.

- Accessories chrome plated or polished.

- Machine mounted on adjustable jacks.

Overall dimensions

83 x 63 x 140 cm - Working surface height : 80 cm - Weight : approximately 250 kg.


1 300 to 1 800 bottles/hour.